Pros And Cons Of Shopping For Eyeglasses Online

Eyeglass shopping online has become much more convenient in recent years. If you're thinking of getting your next pair of glasses online, consider these pros and cons to shopping online.

Pro: There's More Variety

With online retailers, you can browse through a much wider selection of frames and compare prices quickly. There are some frame makers that are available exclusively online, and others that may not be available at your local shop.

Pro: You May Be Able to Try them On

You may wonder if you have to trade away being able to try on your new frames before you select them. At many online retailers, you are now able to select frames to try on. You may be asked for a credit card number in case the frames get broken or you forget to return them. But after that, you can generally try them free of charge to find styles you like.

Con: Less Guidance

If you have never purchased frames before, you may like the extra guidance that an in person optometrist can offer you. They may be able to help you pick frames that complement your face, or choose the right materials for your lifestyle. While you can't get this quick feedback while trying on frames online, you may still be able to ask questions of the retailer's representatives.

Pro: Less Pressure of Choice

If you feel pressured to choose a pair of frames quickly while you're shopping in person, then online shopping may be best for you. Many people are shy about trying on frames in person and would prefer to have plenty of time to sleep on their decision, without having to come back into the shop to make a choice later.

Con: It Involves a Little Legwork

If you purchase your eyeglasses at the same place that you had your eye exam done, they may help you with a lot of the little steps. For instance, they can help you file a claim with your insurer and make sure that the prescription gets into the hands of your lens maker. When you purchase online, you may be responsible for these steps. You may also need to come back into the optometrist at a later date to make sure that your online glasses fit correctly and match your prescription. For many patients, these extra little steps can be well worth it for the freedom of choice that online shopping offers.

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