How To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Autistic Child

If an optometrist has determined that your autistic child needs to wear glasses for vision correction, it is important to make sure that you choose the right pair of glasses for your child. It is important to take your time and consider the many different eyeglass options that are available. Bring your child with you to the store and show him or her options that fit the criteria listed below.

Choose Durable Frames

When choosing frames for your child, be sure to choose frames that are designed to be durable and tough, like plastic. You want to be sure that the glasses can stand up to being thrown or stepped on as some autistic children don't know not to step on or throw their glasses. There are bendable frames that can be bent in any direction without breaking, which may also be a great option for your autistic child.

Have Plastic Lenses Inserted into the Frames

When choosing the lenses that will be used in the glasses, have plastic lenses inserted in the frames rather than glass lenses. The plastic lenses are often much more durable than glass lenses so that you do not have to worry about them scratching, cracking, or breaking easily.

Allow Your Child to Choose the Style for Their Glasses

Show your child the frames that are made of plastic or are bendable from which they can choose. Allow your child to try on all of the glasses that they like and look at themselves in the mirror to ensure that they like the way that they look when they see themselves with the glasses on. Many autistic children establish a routine that makes them feel safe and secure. Since the glasses will be a new addition to their routine, making sure that they are comfortable with them will better the chances of your child wearing them on a daily basis.

Have the Glasses Custom Fit

After the glasses are created, your child will need to be with you to try them on when you pick up the glasses. You want to be sure that the glasses fit well. The arms of the glasses can be adjusted to create a snugger or looser fit so that the glasses feel comfortable on your child's face.

When you purchase the glasses, be sure to purchase a case for your child to store the glasses in at night. Establish a routine where he or she puts the glasses into the case every night so that as they get older, they will be used to the routine and always properly care for their glasses.

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